Accessorize with Jewelry for a Date Night

Accessorize with Jewelry for a Date Night

It is important to get your look right for date night. Whether it’s your 6th, 60th or 600th date with someone special, a night reserved for a date is meaningful, and it’s a time for you to look your best. After the hard-fought battle of finding the right outfit, doing your hair and make-up, you need to choose jewelry accessories to complete your ensemble. Although all relationships differ, and what couples do on date night will not be same, here are some points for consideration when selecting jewelry for a date night.

Go for a More Understated Look

Pieces that are too bright or bold overshadow you. That prevents your partner from being able to focus exclusively on you, which is the aim of the game. Too much jewelry has the same effect. Let your jewelry complement the look you’ve created instead of viewing it as separate from all the other elements you’ve used. For a soft, romantic look, remember that less truly is more when it comes to jewelry.

Make a Statement...Carefully

The jewelry you choose to wear says a lot about you. This is especially true of statement pieces. Be careful not to wear too many statement pieces as they overshadow you and your presence which is a date night no-no. Choose one statement piece of jewelry and then other pieces to complement it. Try to make your statement piece subtle so that it is attractive but doesn’t take your date’s attention off you.

Go ahead… Put a Ring on it! 

A ring is a great jewelry piece to add to your outfit on date night. It draws attention to your hands, making your date want to hold or touch them. Be cautious when choosing rings for date night. If you have too many rings or you choose chunky rings, you’re going to get the opposite response from your date. Rings such as these can make hand holding awkward and uncomfortable. Choose turquoise rings for women is a good option as they are eye-catching and classy.

 beautiful turquoise rings for women

The Color of Love

When selecting jewelry accessories for date night, create a more romantic feel with soft colors and shapes. The straight-line bright geometric shapes you may favor during the day create a less personal look than rounded edges and shades of pink, light blue or yellow. Remember that you want your jewelry to create an alluring and beguiling look for your date.

Knowing about the Best Turquoise Rings for Women

It’s preferable that you know what you’re doing on date night. If your partner wants to be secretive and enigmatic about what you’ll be doing, ask to know the type of dress code you should wear. You don’t want to be wearing your little black dress with a plunging neckline and a beautiful pendant, only to find out you’re going ziplining over a forest to get to a romantic picnic spot!

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