• Diamonds can be cut in many different shapes.

  • Given that shape is mostly a matter of taste, it is essential to identify with the attributes of each so that you make the right choice while purchasing. When thinking of diamonds, many will immediately think of the classic round diamond shape. It’s no doubt that the round brilliant cut is the most popular shape but if you’re looking for something different, there are plenty of other shapes available.


  • We invite you to look, learn, and marvel. And if you have any questions about diamond shapes, TousiAttar Jewelers welcomes you to Contact Us and speak with one of our experienced customer service representatives.


1- Round Cut Diamonds:

The round cut diamond is the most popular diamond shape, only after the development of new diamond cutting technology and a breakthrough in research regarding proportion and symmetry, was the round brilliant born. Around diamond will typically give you more flexibility in terms of balancing cut, color, and clarity grades while still getting the fire and brilliance you want.


2- Princess Cut Diamond:

The princess diamond is the most popular shape after the round brilliant and is typically square in shape. Princess cut is the most popular fancy diamond shape, especially for engagement rings. Princess cuts are ideally square but can be found in pleasing rectangular silhouettes as well. 



3- Oval Shaped Diamond:

Oval cut diamonds have a classic appearance beautiful brilliance that's like a round diamond but also has the advantage of accentuating long, slender fingers and This diamond shape is an excellent choice for a woman with small hands since the stretched-out shape lengthens the look of one’s fingers. 


4-  Marquise Shaped Diamond:

A marquise shaped diamond is a perfect shape for maximizing carat weight by the emphasis the size of the diamond. The length and pointed end of a marquise will make fingers appear long and slender. Marquise diamonds are frequently set with side stones.


5-    Pear Shaped Diamond:

The unique look of the pear shape helps make it a popular choice for a variety of diamond jewelry. The pear cut's teardrop shape is a hybrid of the modern round brilliant and the marquise diamond. An elongated pear shape is also considered a specifically flattering shape when worn mounted on a ring with the point facing upwards towards the nail, thus creating an apparent slimming effect of the finger.


6-  Emerald Cut Diamond:

This cut showcases the diamond’s original clarity beautifully because of its large rectangular table which will also make inclusions and color more apparent. The emerald cut is not a brilliant cut, but rather features a large open table with step cuts. The emerald cut is traditionally rectangular and most closely resembles the natural diamond shape.


7- Heart Shaped Diamonds:

The heart shape, with its classic connotation of romance and love, is a popular choice for anniversary rings and Mother's Day and valentine’s day necklaces and earrings.