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handmade custom pieces

Handmade Custom Pieces from TousiAttar Jewelers

You need to go beyond what you will find at the typical jewelry store you see in the mall. When you want handmade custom pieces that are made just for you, you want to come to us at Tousi Jewelers so you can get that special gift.
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iridium dip jewelry

Taking Care of Your Iridium Dip Jewelry

Different metals require different levels of care and knowing the differences regarding what to do can help to extend the life and beauty of your jewelry. Knowing the best ways to take care of your iridium dip jewelry can save you from heartache and tough lessons to learn.

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Turquoise Wedding Rings

How to Choose Quality Turquoise Rings for Women

While rings using all sorts of gemstones are available today, you may want to consider looking turquoise rings as a unique option. Choosing quality turquoise rings for women takes some insight, but once you know what to look for you pinpoint the perfect item.
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TousiAttar Jewelers Triple Diamond Ring Band
Handmade With Diamonds In Gold

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