iridium dip jewelry

Taking Care of Your Iridium Dip Jewelry

When you invest in a new piece of jewelry for yourself or as a gift for someone else, the maintenance and care of what you purchase needs to be something you consider. A fine piece of jewelry is an investment today, and the last thing you want is your jewelry to get ruined quickly because you did not care for it properly. Different metals require different levels of care and knowing the differences regarding what to do can help to extend the life and beauty of your jewelry. Knowing the best ways to take care of your iridium dip jewelry can save you from heartache and tough lessons to learn.

Understanding about Iridium

Iridium is a component that is often used in the dip available to help create and protect the pieces that are known as white gold jewelry. Since gold is not naturally white, to create the look, we associate with white gold the gold is plated with another metal (most often rhodium), a metal that is nearly white so that it gives the gold a look that is similar to that of platinum. The jewelry is then dipped to provide the item with extra luster and maintain the look.

iridium dip jewelry

Protecting Dip Jewelry

It is important for you to know what to do to protect your iridium dip jewelry so that it maintains its luster and plating. Household chemicals that contain chlorine can cause problems with white gold jewelry so you will want to take your jewelry off before you do things like go in the pool, handle detergent or bleach with chlorine, or use any cleaning agents with chlorine.

Choosing the Right Jewelry

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