authentic turquoise jewelry

How Authentic Turquoise Jewelry Enhances Your Look

Turquoise, one of the most highly prized stones in the world, is a very diverse material which can be turned into bracelets, rings, necklaces and earrings. Popular since the ancient Egyptian period, the semiprecious stone can be placed in a variety of different metals to create different effects. When you are looking at the authentic turquoise jewelry available from our store, it makes it easier to decide what type of decorative piece you would like. When enhancing your look and style, we can offer you helpful advice whenever you want more information about our stones.

What Is Turquoise?

There are several different types of turquoise. The natural material is made from a mixture of copper or iron and aluminum, and the green color is developed from that copper. The level of green will depend very much upon the amount of copper present, so for example, blue turquoise develops from high levels of copper without iron, and can be either very light blue or very deep blue colors. A greener turquoise will develop when there is a mixture of copper and iron in the stone. The depth of color can range from very bright greens, or tree greens to deep ocean greens.

authentic turquoise jewelry

Turning Authentic Turquoise into Jewelry

Unlike the majority of stones which are used in jewelry making, turquoise does not become transparent when it is sliced. This means that stones cannot typically be faced, as there is nothing to see beneath the cuts. In most cases, turquoise is cut into beads or flat stones known as cabochon. These can then be placed into jewelry in a variety of forms, ranging from flower shapes and decorative pieces to heart-shaped, ovals and simple round stones. We can show you a range of different colored stones suitable for use in authentic turquoise jewelry.

Wear Our Pieces with Pride

You want to be able to find fantastic jewelry pieces with attractive looking stones, and we can provide this for you easily. When you are looking for authentic turquoise jewelry to suit your requirements, simply contact us to find out more stop you can either send us an email to, or you can call us on (213) 318-6840. Speak to our team today about the type of jewelry that you want, and you can select fantastic pieces with our assistance. Our size guides and information about our pieces can assist you in picking the perfect item for yourself or a family member.