2018’s Must-have Jewelry Trends

2018’s Must-have Jewelry Trends

2018 promises to be a year of great fashion trends. Whilst most people will focus on the trends in clothing, we should not forget the importance of jewelry as an essential accessory. Staying on pointe this year means knowing the latest jewelry trends and tailoring them to suit your wardrobe and style. Here are some of this year’s most interesting trends to keep in mind when shopping for striking, effective jewelry accents:

Get in Touch with Nature and Go Green 

In terms of 2018’s jewelry trends, going green refers to the comeback of green as a base color in jewelry. Most popular are avocado, olive, bright lime, and verdant shades of this versatile cool color. Whilst most jewelry pieces are not singularly green, this color features as an accent in brooches, bracelets, rings, pendants, and several types of turquoise jewelry. The back to nature approach has been embraced in 2018 as people’s consciousness of the great outdoors, and the need to preserve it is raised. Look out for bold animal-shaped and -patterned jewelry and softer organic shapes such as leaves and flowers.

The comeback of the Brooch

From the fashion runways to the red carpet, we have seen an increased use of the brooch as an accessory. Previously regarded as dowdy and old-fashioned, it has made a huge comeback and is a must-have this year. Diamond brooches for evening wear may well be popular, but the bold geometrically shaped brooch for everyday wear to finish off a power suit is an exciting new trend.

must have jewelry trends 2018

Stack it for effect

Stacked jewelry is much in demand. From rings to earrings, bracelets, and necklaces, a different, more edgy look is created with stacked jewelry. Stacking is even set to gain favor in the engagement ring market. It creates a striking statement, so too much stacking can have the opposite effect. Strike the right balance to complement your outfit.

Elegant earrings

More simplistic lines in earring design are bringing back a long-lost elegance. Delicate shoulder-length earrings with light, intricate designs are much sought after. Not only are such earrings a great accessory for eveningwear, they also create an eye-catching accent to a day-time work outfit.

Gemstones to look out for

With the combination of blue and white making a comeback, expect to see sapphires being used liberally in jewelry accessories. It is becoming more customary for couples to seek out engagement rings with gemstones in addition to the conventional diamond.  Rubies and emeralds are especially popular right now.

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