gold baby ID bracelets

Get Quality Gold Baby ID Bracelets with Engraved Name

Many parents and grandparents buy jewelry for their babies. This is not a trend but a matter of tradition. Getting high quality gold baby ID bracelets with your baby’s name engraved is a practice that goes back to ancient cultures, especially native americans. It shows social status and a great appreciation towards the new member of the family.

Spanish, Latin American and American-Latino people are the ones who follow this tradition the most. Not only they buy bracelets but also anklets, necklaces, pendants and earrings. Some of these jewels are not even meant for the baby to use at the moment: they are a present to be worn when he or she grows up. Parents and relative buys jewelry for boys and girls equally.

An important part of the Latin American Heritage

Not too many people buying gold baby ID bracelets know that this custom has actually European roots. Jewelry-making became very popular in Europe during the 17th Century. They used gold bracelets with an engraved plate with the word “baby” for their newborn infants. After the American colonization, the practice spreaded through the continent.

gold baby ID bracelets

It is also very common that baby bracelets pass from one generation to the other. Many parents choose to add small birthstones to their child’s bracelet to reflect the month their baby was born. It is recommendable to use 14K gold or other quality materials for baby jewelry. Cheaper metal can generate irritation on the baby’s soft skin. You can have the bracelets adorned with ID plates for inscriptions, charms and cut-out hearts, among other options.

Quality Gold Baby ID Bracelets at TousiAttar Jewelers

At TousiAttar Jewelers, we know everything about gold baby ID bracelets. We have an online list of Birthstones with their meaning and the correspondent month. So if you decide to have a beautiful bracelet for the new member of the family, you can add an extra element of customization by having his or her name engraved and the stone for his o her month of birth.

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