An Engraved Baby Bracelet for a Newborn

An Engraved Baby Bracelet for a Newborn

One thing we carry throughout our entire lives is our name. Most other things change; hair color, skin, eye color, face shape. Physically, we are biologically an entirely new being every 7 years. But when we are given a name upon being born, it is an aspect of our lives we will always have. Having pride in your name is what gives it energy, and a personality. What better way to celebrate a name than giving an engraved baby bracelet for a newborn? Jewelry as a gift is a tangible memory, something a child can have forever. Having a beautiful piece of jewelry with their name on it makes it a very personal gift, one that lasts a lifetime.

TousiAttar Jewelers has Personality

Each piece of our jewelry is personal in some way. While the designs are personal to us, the reason for buying is personal to you. Perhaps you want to have something for yourself, or you are giving a gift to a loved one or friend. Either way, our line is meant to represent delicacy of life, especially when it comes to an engraved baby bracelet. The importance of a name should never go unsaid, and claiming ownership of your name is what we aim to help others do. It’s about owning something a child can see every day and be proud of. Cherishing a piece of jewelry means cherishing the meaning behind it. Each piece has a specific look and personality, and we aim to create a specific look which can be worn no matter the trend or season.

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Engraved Baby Bracelets Designed for Your Little Loved One

Each engraved baby bracelet is unique in some way. There can never be two of the name bracelet, which also adds to how special they are. We offer bracelets in a thick or thin chain in 14K Gold. We only use the highest quality, ensuring the jewelry remains as beautiful as it was since the day it left our store. We understand a gift for a child is special to you, and it should look and be as wonderful as the thought behind it.

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Gifting a newborn with an engraved baby bracelet creates a wonderful memory for both you and the child. It’s never too late to give! You may call TousiAttar Jewelers by dialing (213) 318-6840 or emailing