Accessorize Effectively with Turquoise Rings for Women

Accessorize Effectively with Turquoise Rings for Women

The ring is a timeless classic as a jewelry accessory. However, with so many variations and trends in its use, it is sometimes difficult to decide on the right ring for a specific occasion. Different occasions warrant different types of rings and turquoise rings for women are a classic option to wear in many different occasions.

Ring-accessorizing Guidelines and Tips

The ring you choose to wear must fit. When you try a ring on at the jewelers’ make sure, it’s the correct size. If not, have it resized. If you buy rings online or from a catalog, the size of the ring is usually indicated.

Know your ring size so you don’t waste money buying rings you can’t wear. A ring that is too small will cut off the blood circulation in your finger, whereas a ring that is too big will slip around on your finger. Neither of these is an attractive look, no matter how beautiful the ring.

turquoise rings for women

Let your ring do the talking for you

A statement ring is a great accessory. Choose a statement ring that is attractive and symbolic to you. It could be big or small, muted or full of bling, you decide.

You may find over time that you collect several statement rings, each of which says something different about you. Choose one that is appropriate for the occasion. It is advisable to wear your statement ring alone or accompany it with very muted rings so that it takes center stage and draws attention.

Stack ‘em

Stacking is very fashionable right now. Consider buying a set of stackable rings or buying a minimum of 3 individual rings that you can make into a stackable set. Bear in mind that stackable rings all have a common design principle or element. If you’re buying individual rings, this commonality should be evident. Stackable rings can be broad or narrow. Create a sense of balance by using both. Rings of different textures make a stackable set interesting. Avoid mixing metals when stacking rings. Stick to gold or silver as combining them can detract from the look you’re creating.

Classic womens turquoise rings suit just about any outfit or occasion, so they are worth spending an extra dollar on them. You may choose to have some less expensive rings that you use occasionally. Don’t wear an expensive ring and an inexpensive one on the same hand. The difference is too obvious, and it can cause the statement you’re trying to make to come across as a mixed message.

Rise to the Occasion

While you may have an idea of the perfect turquoise rings for women to match your outfit, bear in mind the occasion and purpose as part of your decision on which ring to wear. The rings you wear to work will be different to the rings you wear on a girls’ night out, even though your outfit may be the same.

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